COMMON NAMES Button mangrove, Buttonwood, Buttobush, Mangle boton, Botocillo, Mangle botoncillo, Mangle negro, Mangle prieto, Yana, Marequito. Republic); mangle blanco (Guatemala); mangle boton (Dominican Republic); mangle botón (Puerto Rico); mangle botonceillo (Venezuela); mangle botoncillo . blanco (Guatemala); mangle boton (Dominican Republic); mangle botón ( Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico); mangle botonceillo (Venezuela); mangle botoncillo.

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August 2nd Reviewed: April 3rd Published: The objective of this documentary research work is to contribute to better knowledge of the mangrove species that are located in our country, as well as to provide readers with written and illustrated information on these species.

The species described are Avicennia bicolor Standl. Gaertner, Rhizophora harrisonii Leechm. The mangroves present in Mexico comprise three families, four genera, and six species.

They have a distribution in the 17 coastal states of the country, the largest number of species in the state of Chiapas. The data obtained that are included in the information are identity, distribution, taxonomy, diagnosis, distribution, uses, and protection.

In the case of Avicennia bicolor Standl.

Selected Studies in Botonclilo. Regarding mangroves, taxonomic uncertainties persist despite the fact that there are currently many works that refer to these tree and shrub species; this is due to the fact that the characteristics that separate mangrove species are diffuse as they belong to different families, some of them more related to terrestrial environments.

In addition, identifications in herbaria are erroneous even by specialists.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

It is important to have a synopsis that outlines the main characteristics that distinguish mangrove species, in this chapter, referring to those found on the coasts of Mexico. The material examined consisted of printed books and information obtained on botoncillo Internet concerning the species Rhizophora mangle L. They are distributed in the 17 coastal states of the country, the largest amount of species in the state of Chiapas. In 16 states of the country there are four species R.

The family Rhizophoraceae comprises one genus, Rhizophora, and two species, R. Journal of the Manglee Academy of Sciences 13 By Paul Carpenter Standley [ 51 ]. Tomlinson [ 46 ] considered Avicennia tonduzii as a synonym for this species. Tomlinson [ 47 ], states that A. Family Acanthaceae Verbenaceae; Avicenniaceae.


Although, it has been placed in the families Verbenaceae or Avicenniaceae in some classifications [ 33 ]. The genus can be treated as the subfamily Avicenniaceae [ 21 ].

Plantas vasculares de los manglares del estado sucre, Venezuela

It is a bicolor species— bi meaning two. The corolla of the flower is white and may have a yellow hue at its base so that its flower is considered bicolor [ 46 ]. For Avicennia bicolor Standl. A, holotype has been reported in tropics. It is a small tree obtoncillo an irregular crown. Its bark is whitish or light gray-brown in contrast to the dark grayish coffee of Avicennia germinans. The leaves are elliptical, with a bright beam and totally without hairs, characteristic with which it can be differentiated from A.

The underside is somewhat hairy and is usually covered by salt crystals. The inflorescence is a terminal or axillary panicle of white, hairless flowers. The fruit is a rounded and a smooth mantle. It has vertical, spongy roots that project over the mud, absorb the air, and ventilate the support root system [ 4 ]. Other common names in Mexico: Mangle negro [ 34 ]. Common names in other countries: Flowers and propagules of Avicennia bicolor. Bontia germinans was published in Botoncilo Naturae, Editio Botonccillo 2: Stearn; 6 Ifraspecific categories form and variety [ 52 ].

The genus can be treated as subfamily Avicennioideae [ 21 ]. For Avicennia germinans L. Without data, Browne s. Lectotypified by Stearn, Kew Bull. No data, Browne s. Lectured by Stearn, Kew Bull. Leaves excrete salt through specialized glands and can be covered by salt, thus contributing to salty leaf litter [ 35 ]. Fruit ovate-oblique, apiculate, 1. It grows on sandy, nangle, or argillaceous soils. It is found in heavily oxidized clays or in soils with high concentrations of pyrite [ botonicllo ].

The species is sensitive to frost but is botoncill to be the most tolerant mangle species to low temperatures [ 11 ]. Mangle negro, Mangle prieto [ 12 ].

It is found on both coastlines of the country, from the state of Tamaulipas to the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea and from the states of Baja California and Sonora to Chiapas botonillo the coast of the Pacific Ocean [ 42 ]. Flowers and boroncillo of Avicennia germinans. As erecta [ 54 ]. The species Conocarpus erectus L. The genus Conocarpus L. For Conocarpus erectus L. Sloane, Voy Jamaica t 2 Lectotipified by Wijnands, Bot. Commelins 66, [ 64 ] and LT: Commelins 66 ; TOP: Jarvis [ 54 ].


Sloane, Voy Jamaica, 2 Commelins 66, [ 64 ]. It has an erect trunk or several trunks but may assume a prostrate body; the crust is gray or brown, wrinkled, fibrous, and moderately thin; the inner crust is dark cream color. Fruits, 4-mm winged nuts, are added in globose brown heads, 1—1.

Mangle zaragoza Costa Rica, Panama [ 29 ]. Flowers and fruits of Conocarpus erectus. Gaertner, Carl Karl Friedrich Von. Suppl Carp [ 55 ]. The basionym of this species is Conocarpus racemosus L. Gaertner in to the genus Laguncularia. Laguncularia Gaertn is a monotypic genus a single species botoncilll tropical America and Africa [ 22 ]. Lectotypified by Bornstein, in R. Sloane, Voy, Jamaica, botncillo Lectotypified by Wijnands, Bot.

Its trunk is straight with ascending branches, rounded, and a dense cup. The flowers appear in axillary and terminal panicles, are fragrant, and measure 1.

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Its silky and fleshy fruits have a flattened bottle shape, measure between 1 and 2. They contain a seed; the seed often begins to germinate inside the fruit when it is still attached to the tree [ 42 ]. Flowers and propagules of Laguncularia racemosa. Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information Kew 1: Kew Inform [ 57 ].

Rhizophora brevistyla Salvoza [ 57 ]. In the honor of Professor J. In this regard, a study of hybridization and introgression between the species of the genus Rhizophora of the New World R. Two-mile stretch of coast, in the vicinity of Georgetown [ 57 ]. Mangle caballero, Mangle zapatero [ 7 ].

Common name in other countries: Mangle rojo—Venezuela [ 20 ]. Rico-Gray [ 43 ] said that Rhizophora harrisonii Leechm. Flowers and propagules of Rhizophora harrisonii. Nasir and Ali in [ 38 ], consider Rhizophora mucronata Lam.

As well as a Lectotype: The leaves are simple, opposite, petiolate, with rounded leaf, and they are elliptic to oblong; these are agglomerated at the tips of the branches, their color is dark green in the bundle, and yellowish on the underside.

The manngle are small, 2.

The flower has four yellowish white petals.

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