Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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Within each contact area11” is a corresponding small metallized area 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′. The method may further determine a normalized frequency response of the test transducer, based at least in part on the test frequency response and the reference frequency response.

Number of Transducwr 11 to 25 People. Such devices are well known in the art. The pressure sensors can receive biasing voltages while the output of the Wheatstone bridges can also be directed through the terminal board and hence, through the output connectors.

The differential pressure transducer also includes a reference tube configured to communicate pressuure second pressure from the second pressure port to the diaphragm second side. The area or position 57 of the differential die is also depicted.

Also seen in FIG. Referring now to prexsure Figures, like references identify like elements of the invention. Find more suppliers in Secunderabad Transducers in Secunderabad. Systems and methods for switched multi-transducer pressure sensors and compensation thereof.

In accordance with the principles of the present invention, the formation of the header and the positioning of the absolute and differential Wheatstone bridges in the header enable an easy coupling of both absolute and differential pressure to the pressure sensing devices.

Systems and methods for sensor drift compensation.

Noise with Kulite Pressure Sensor on NI USB – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Each of the sensors contain four silicon strain gauges which are fusion bonded on the surface of a micromachined silicon diaphragm on which a dielectric layer of silicon dioxide has first been grown.

This aspect of operation and structure is described in U. The transducer of claim 8, wherein said first circuit includes a first Wheatstone bridge structure including first and second circuit portions, said second circuit includes a second Wheatstone bridge structure including third and fourth circuit portions, and said first and third circuit portions are adapted to cooperatively provide said output indicative of said differential and said fourth circuit portion and third presure are adapted to cooperatively provide said second output.

The frit is used to fill the holes in the cover wafer and the leadless pressure capsule is bonded to a specifically designed header at a high temperature using a conductive glass frit.


A second terminal, for example, may kluite an electrical port for connecting to an external and separately sealed adjustment network. Conventional transducers are typically big, bulky and expensive, often requiring additional complex electronics using capacitative transducers requires extensive electronics for signal conditioning and amplification and in general are not suitable for use in hostile environments.

Opening 41 eventually receives the header 30 and there is shown the differential pressure port Referring now also to FIGS.

Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet

The output switching circuit includes a first terminal, a second terminal, and a return terminal that are configured to provide power to the electronic switching circuit while providing an indication of the conduction states. It is also noted, that the die associated with area 57 or differential die also receives the pressure P R. The area 57 will accommodate a pressure die which die will operate as a differential die. The pressure sensor chip is free to move within the interior cavity of the header, and the one or more anchoring tethers are in communication with the pressure sensor chip and are configured to limit movement of the pressure sensor chip within the header.

The third region differs from the first region and is offset from the ohmic contact layer at the first region. There is herein disclosed a hermetically sealed dielectrically isolated semiconductor sensor fabricated from a single piece of silicon capable of simultaneously measuring absolute and differential pressures. It is understood that for the differential transducer a further hole is required to interface to the underside of the diaphragm to apply the differential pressure thereto.

FYI, aluminum foil didn’t do it, either. A SumoBrain Solutions Company.

Lou DeRosa, Steven Kleiber. The transdcuer of claim 14, wherein said second circuit comprises a second Wheatstone bridge circuit structure including a second plurality of piezoresistors. In another instance, power surges in a jet engine can be detected by measuring the compressor intake pressure and the discharge pressure. Message 7 of The housing and structure described herein contains an absolute and differential pressure sensor.

The mating of the first and second thread stops are configured to maintain at least a portion of the pre-loading tension.

The transducer of claim 5, wherein said second circuit includes third and fourth piezoresistors coupled in series, a third input node electrically coupled to said third piezoresistor, a fourth input node electrically coupled to said fourth piezoresistor and a second output node electrically coupled between said third and fourth piezoresistors.


The apparatus of claim 19, wherein said connection layer further includes a plurality of pins extending around a periphery of said conductive layer for electrically transducef said conductive layer of said electrical contacts of said flatpack. Wet-to-wet pressure sensing assembly.

Kulite Semiconductor Pressure Transducer | TASCAM – International Website –

I have tried most of the recommendations in the Field Guide to Wiring, but I’m still lost. A differential pressure port is located on a side surface of the pressure header assembly and is directed to a bore in the pressure header assembly. We procure our products from the reliable vendors of the industry. The devices employed are silicon-on-silicon sensor elements which eliminates all p-n junctions. The apparatus of claim 18, further comprising a connection layer interposed between said wafer and said flatpack, said connection layer including a conductive layer sandwiched between two other layers, wherein at least one of said other layers includes a plurality of apertures adapted to enable said conductive layer to be electrically coupled to said first and second circuits.

Use of two pressure sensors in one transducer prezsure described in, for example, U. Electronic device interconnections for high temperature operability. The method includes producing a measurement output signal, the measurement output signal representing an intensity of the measurement signal.

Kulite ETM 375 Pressure Transducer

First, it is pretty obvious that your noise is environmental. The lock kulitw 32 has a flange at one end coextensive with a shaft which shaft is directed into the aperture 45 formed within the pressure iulite housing section 10 FIG. Silicon based pressure and acceleration optical interferometric sensors with housing assembly. The transducer of claim 2, wherein said first plurality of piezoresistors are coupled in a first Wheatstone bridge configuration.

Certain implementations of the disclosed technology may include Fabry-Perot Interferometer FPI -based sensors systems and methods for measuring a desired stimulus.

The cylindrical shell 25 surrounds and protects the leads 5354 and terminal board The reason for two separate dies is that the pressure P R may be a very large pressure as compared to P d or vice versa. In order to reduce the number of transducers, the present approach enables one to mount two independent sensors into two different transducers.

One or more anchoring tethers are attached to the corresponding one or more tether connecting regions.

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