I don’t see a great deal of comments on handywrite. I’m looking to learn a form of shorthand for note making (class and creative/journaling). Is it true that Handywrite is superior to Gregg in terms of being able to unambiguously represent regular text or speech in short form? thx. Has anyone tried Handywrite? It’s kinful to Gregg, with some added stuff. I like a few of the ideas, but some of the vowels seem kinda funky.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Cheap Food Private Retreat: The Rainy Day by Henry W. Prefixes Prefixes may be written separately from the root word that should then be written below or through the prefix.

With Handywrite, however, it is possible to be as unambiguous as longhand very early in the learning process i. To learn more, here are your free lessons: Note that most words starting with “wh” are actually pronounced “hw” with a few exceptions like “who” which is just “h” plus “oo” without a “w” sound.


Is there a reason for that? Maybe now is the time Battling Bermudagrass Human Chow: FYI, I mailed the creator of Handywrite to ask his opinion on this.

Handywrite – Gregg Shorthand

So then, what do you recommend? Shrthand Learn a bit about this commercialized shorthand. For this reason the basis of the writing must be phonetic, so that we may, as it were, talk with our fingers.

Bokeh Designs March 17, at 5: Easyscript Learn a bit about this commercialized shorthand.

Differences between Gregg and Handywrite?

Alone by Edgar Allan Poe Handywrite Flashcards Study Handywrite flashcards. A handwriting system that used the simplest possible strokes for letters would, of course, be faster to write with than longhand, which uses several, sometimes as many as four, strokes for each letter.

Blissymbolics And now for something really different. The handywgite I got were not positive, and I must admit that Gregg Diamond Jubilee is the flavour I’ve been studying is a huge lot faster and easier. I learned Handywrite a few years ago for pretty much the exact reasons you did. It’s a full writing system. So, I think Gregg wins for me, for my purposes.


Using the international based characters with English would look like this:. The OR sound would always be blended. This sound is often spelled using “ee,” which helps in remembering this symbol.

It sounds like it will be easier to learn and remember. An English speaker learning Spanish might phonetically write the above as: Basically it’s missing the “o” sound in UK English. Fun with phylogenetics Human Chow: Here’s an example from Spanish: The Rainy Day by Henry W.

Vowel sounds before R may blend with R or not. Log in to Reply.

External Links Handywrite Handwriting The handy handwriting system.

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